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[21 Nov 2005|05:34pm]
We have a new Toshiya~!!

Sadly, Mitsu has left us, but Kate has now joined. She will be using the same journal as the old Toshiya, given to us by Mitsu, but the new AIM for Toshiya is: Dancin Die

Give her a holler, she's online a lot, so she says. :D Hopefully this will herald a lovely revival of the BERRY community...

Also, if you have any logs of RPs that occured here, please give them to me. They really, really need to get posted. X_x I'll do it if you don't find yourself with enough time.
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[10 Nov 2005|10:46pm]
How to format a log for posting~!

Check it out, maan.Collapse )
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[10 Nov 2005|10:38pm]

1. There is a Special Fun Group RP set up for this Sunday at 8 pm est time. This log's gonna be wacko killer. Don't miss it~!

2. We are opening more bands. Post here or bug us on AIM if you want a spot. All second charries by previous rpers should be submitted whenever as well, so I don't accidentally give you away. Also if you have tried out with us before and were not chosen, you can now try out again for a different charrie so long as they are not already taken. There is a 2 character limit now in effect for all players until we get more people.

3. Now accepting button, banner, and layout submissions. That'd be a lovely gift, if you have the time. <3 If not, don't worry about it.

4. Don't forget this week's coming experiment~! By Friday, November 18th at 9pm all rpers should have completed 3 roleplay logs, each by a different person, and have them posted to the comm. Instructions for formatting in the next entry.
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[09 Nov 2005|12:24am]

There will be a PLAYER MEETING on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH at 9 PM. You must be online at this time. If you can not, please post your reason here.

We will discuss issues with gameplay, logs, and the comm itself. This is a necessary and not-optional meeting when it does occur. Be there or else. This is for ALL BERRY ROLEPLAYERS. If you're just a reader, you're safe. :D

Also if you want a chara it'd be a good time to drop by. We may consider opening positions for cool people.
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[21 Oct 2005|11:30pm]
Please comment here if you'd like to apply for a character in Pierrot. ^_^

Note: Kohta has been mentioned in the RP several times and will require a special application. Just a notification of what's happened so far and an agreement to go with it.
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[17 Oct 2005|04:26pm]

We are considering adding more bands to the BERRY roster. Please post your suggestions here. This is open to all members, and if you would like to play but have no position, post what you'd want to try out for here.

Previously suggested:
(Kohta by special application. This band has been mentioned in the RP previously)


If you are already a member of BERRY and you would like to play more than one character, we are considering raising the character limit from one to two or three as more people filter in. Please AIM either myself or Kyo-mun to discuss it.

(Kyo-mun: I thought I discussed this with you. ^^;; Didn't I? If you disagree with this I'll take it off.)
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[15 Oct 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

The other funnest thing ever to happen on BERRY~!

Poker-Face Shenanigans~!Collapse )

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[15 Oct 2005|07:36pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

THE most fun shit ever.

Kaorold and Die-mar Go To Blockbuster...Collapse )

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[15 Oct 2005|05:20pm]

At Totchis houseCollapse )
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This was after the drinking thing - the next day. [15 Oct 2005|05:19pm]

Kaoru gets his facts straight and him and Kyo make up. Kinda?Collapse )
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[15 Oct 2005|12:50pm]

Drunk discussions! Kyo, Shin and DiedieCollapse )

And yes, peoples. >> We're supposed to post our logs here.
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Recommended Playing Time Announcement [12 Oct 2005|09:47pm]
We have set an RPT for FRIDAYS at 9pm WEEKLY.

We suggest that all players be online at that time to finish any group RPs that are ongoing. During the rest of the week we will do duos and etc., and groups if we all manage to appear online. But Fridays should be our definite days. Please try not to miss them~! If you must miss them, please try to notify everyone on this comm at least 3 hours in advance, so people still have time to do something else with their Friday nights. ^^;;;

Thanks for your time, kids.
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An announcement regarding Toshiyas [11 Oct 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Listen up, everybody~! A Toshiya has been chosen~! And that lucky person iiiis:

shintotchi aka mitsukake of love, step on down~!!!

For the rest of you, I'm sorry there are not multiple Toshiyas to let everyone happily play with. If you want to:

1. contest the decision
2. ask for constructive criticism or decision reasoning
3. apply for another character (just Yoshiki left now)
4. or say anything else

AIM either of the mods and we will let you know.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a BERRY perverted day. ^_^

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[09 Oct 2005|02:17am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Welcome to the third incarnation of BERRYperverted~!!!

We are a serious RP community focused on quality and interesting plotlines, and of course the lovely band Dir en Grey. Yes, this is a yaoi. If you don't like yaoi, this ain't the place for you, punk.

AS OF NOW we are accepting applications for these characters:





And these charas only. If you have some other idea, you'll have to talk to both the mods.

Please read the rules thoroughly and follow the instructions. All rules are on the info page.

That is all for now, and have a BERRY perverted day. :3

<3 Kaoru-mun, co-mod

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