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¤ blow your head off like raspberry jam ¤

BERRYperverted Dir en Grey Roleplay Community
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berry... perverted.

Oh yay, yet another Dir en Grey RP community~! Actually we're fairly serious and we'd like to make this a deep, engaging community. We only want to include these characters:
Dir en Grey

Kaoru-- AIM = hoshi no saku ; leadersama
Kyo-- AIM = silkenminion ; cherrypoppin
Die-- AIM = caffeinated pata ; jealousreverse
Toshiya-- AIM = dancin die ; blue_bassist
Shinya-- AIM = shinya in lace ; prettydrummer
Yoshiki-- AIM = OPEN ; [Bad username: ??]

Kohta-- AIM = OPEN ; [Bad username: ??] (by special app only - previously mentioned in RP)
Kirito-- AIM = odoru teruki ; xhaken_kreuzx
Jun-- AIM = OPEN ; [Bad username: ??]
Aiji-- AIM = keitainokikei ; _mizui_shinji_
Takeo-- AIM = OPEN ; [Bad username: ??]

so get 'em while they're hot~! If they have a name listed by them, they're taken.

Again we'd like to stress that we want to be a serious group. Meaning, the writing and plotlines should be of strong quality. We would like to give each new player a playing test. Don't get scared now~! All we want to see is that you can spell, type, describe actions and emotions within a post, and follow a plotline. Also, knowing your character is important to us. If it's obvious you have no idea who you're playing, we'll be directing you to do some research.

Joining is easy. Post to the comm with your AIM screen name (you must have one to play) and who you would like to play and the mods will give you a playing test. If you are aged 15 and under be aware that we have reservations about allowing you in, but if you prove to have exceptional skills we may give you special consideration.

Once you are accepted you'll be added to this info page. Then you must create a character journal for your person. You should update it often with your character's thoughts and feelings. All entries on those journals must be public and may not be chock-full of excessive memeage. If you write an entry you do not want other characters to see, just make "PRIVATE" the subject, and we'll consider it something other characters can't read. If another character uses private info in an RP the RP will be discounted and that player will get a major boo-boo warning/ass-kicking. Don't be writing personal stuff about yourself in that journal, or entries for other characters. This journal is for this chara in this comm only, so no one else has to dig through piles of crap to find relevant entries.

Some other guidelines for play:

¤ If you're unconfident about your knowledge of your character-to-be, do an internet search and check out some bios.

¤ To make a good post, make sure it is at least 4 to 6 sentences long, and has some description of what your character is going through in that point in time. Don't leave other characters hanging, with nothing to play off of~! This leads to very boring RP. Example: Toshiya giggles. [end post]
What is the next poster going to do then?

After you are accepted, we do have a few rules for play:

¤ this IS a mature RP (which includes sex, drama, and etc.) but if you insist on drug use (which we don't necessarily encourage...) leave it at weed, cigarettes, or booze. NO MORE THAN THAT. Please don't make your poor chara snort or shoot up, it makes us slightly ill. ^^; Also, if you guys are into the kinky bedroom stuff, please no bloody entrails or spurting arteries. A little cutting, a little whipping, a little bondage is fine, but no horror movie stuff.

It is not expected of you to get into the drugs or the kinky stuff and you are given full reign of your chara. We insist that you make decisions based on what you think your chara would really do~! With some leeway of course, to make it fun. But please be aware that this is a yaoi RP for the most part, and such things may occur. If you aren't willing to RP it or see it RPed, it's probably not a good idea to play here.

¤ Please don't suicide your character. Please. If you do that, no one else will ever be able to play him. If you get tired of playing, just tell one of the mods and either give us your RP journal or let us copy the information into another one, so someone else can pick up where you left off.

¤ For crying out loud, don't land your chara in the hospital every 2 days. In fact use of hospitals except for special plotlines is discouraged.

¤ You must post all RPs on the community journal, and keep a personal character journal (the mods will tell you how, should you not know), but if your RP includes sex or excessive violence, put it under a labeled LJ-cut. Instructions are in the LJ FAQ. Please know how. You will not be warned more than once before your chara is taken away. If you don't know how, ask. It's not that we're prudes, it's just LJ rules, doncha know.

Congratulations, you read my damn rules~! Now you know that when you post to get your charrie, you should also include the password: marmalade. Now finish up and don't forget to note Kaorumun's horrendous pet peeve on the last bullet.

¤ Stay in character when you are playing. The format is paragraph form, with punctuation, capitals, quotation marks, the works. It doesn't have to be difficult, this is supposed to be fun. It's just supposed to look nice, like a big story. ^_^

¤ Please be nice and try not to fight ooc for what happens ic. This is a game and nothing is to be taken personally. If you are having a problem with a player's attitude, take it to one of the mods and they will be dealt with.

¤ A note about ooc planning: Just say no. It's no fun when two players scheme their asses off to the point of not including others. If something doesn't go your way, or you'd like to see a plot happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN IN CHARACTER. If Kaorumun hears that people are plotting out who they're gonna marry or whatnot, it will rain fire~!!! >_>

That's all for now~! Again, the mods AIM SNs (and you must have AIM to play) are: hoshi no saku OR silkenminion.