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Having agreed to meet two of his bandmates at the bar, kyo arrives! TADA! In the beauty of tight leather pants that clung to the smaller-then-normal mans legs and up to just under that little roll of belly-chub he'd never admit exhisted, with a loose almost gauzy shirt the color of blood over his shoulders, chest and stomach, the green etchings of a dragon snaking up his shirts midsection. A half finished cigarette was dangling from his fingers (put out at the lousy bouncers insistance) as the vocalist flopped against the bar, eyes squinting, peering around the bar looking for the others to arrive. Damnit. he wanted to drink. But he had to wait. "...fucking manners."

Shinya sauntered up to the bar, and ducked inside, his shoulders slouched in an attempt to make him less obvious, which seemed to be working. He removed his sunglasses in order to allow his eyes to adjust to the poor lighting in the bar as he scanned for any familiar face. He spotted Kyo and walked over to him, dodging crowds effortlessly before finally sitting next to him and not saying a single word as he did so.

Die had spotted Shinya on the way in and followed his path through the crowd, taking care to avoid eye contact with anyone. He realised too late that he should have worn a hat or something, but it was too late now. The laces on his red Converse flapped around his feet, his worn jeans rode low on his hips, and a too-small Lego tshirt topped off his elegant ensemble. He sat on the other side of Kyo and smiled at his bandmates.

"The pinkest most queer drink ever, tender." Kyo didn't evne have to glance to the sides to see if they were here, slapping some money onto the bar, "For each of us. With an umbrella, please." Finally his slanted eyes glance to each one - Die to the left, Shin to the right. "Hello, boyos. How's the night been?" His voice is still wry and dry, a little snarky and lips twisting ironicaly into a half-smile as their drinks get laid down.

"Nothing eventful," Shinya muttered into his glass as he took a sip of whatever blessed alcohol had been placed down in front of him. He cleared his throat, but didn't say another word as he set the drink down, determined to make it last for awhile.

"It's been...enlightening." Die said wryly before tucking his umbrella behind his ear and gulping half his frilly girl-drink. "Yours, Waru?" he continued. Resting his chin on his hand, he tilted his head forward to look at Shinya. Die gave the drummer a toothy grin. "And you, Shin-chan?"

"Remember to speak up a little, Die." He prods the others forehead, nose crinkling just a little bit. "It's....been...well, it'll get better with each gulp of alcohol." Lips peeling into a grin, guzzling down that floofy girlie drink. "God, Kao can be such an ass. He never got on Shins case for dating his rat! OR his booze! God.."

Shinya merely rolled his eyes and took another sip of his drink, completely ignoring the jab at his personal life, or lack there of. Instead, he merely stated dryly "Just let the alcohol deal with it. By morning I'm sure you'll have other problems."

Die dropped his eyes to the cocktail napkin he was steadily shredding into a pile of sad paper snow. He was definitely worried about both Kyo and Kaoru, but a bar was not the place to spill his guts. Instead he smiled crookedly and leaned back on his barstool, stretching. "Kaoru's just having a hissy because he doesn't want anything to happen to us. You know how he gets." He tried to sound convincing, for his sake as well as his friends'.

"Ah, whatever, Shin. A hangover isn't anything serious. YOU of all people should kno wthat." He smirks, nudging the drummer in the side with his elbow. Glancing back at Die, lips pursing slightly into a faint line. "Fuck Kaoru. He just has his panties in a bunch because he's just..I dunno." Hsis houlders rise in a shrug. "It was a year ago, it's over and his band doesn't even know about it. Besides, the fangirls might go happy crazy instead of get mad." And the drink disappears down his throat, glancing at the bartender. "Another, please."

Shinya merely frowned at the glass in his hands, his head cocked slightly as if he was thinking something of some sort, his eyes trained onto his fingers before he took another sip. He tilted his head back a bit and considered speaking, before finally doing so. "Someone needs to ask tonight, who was it?"

Die almost choked on the last of his drink. Shinya could be insanely direct sometimes and it always caught him off-guard. He wanted to know too, though. He fixed Kyo with a look that he hoped was an equal mix of concern and curiosity.

Kyo -did- choke, taking a new sip of his brand-ass-new floofy drink, coughing and smacking his chest a little. Blinking some choking-induced wetness from his eyes, the vocalist took a moment to answer."None of your b--*coughhack* business. It's over. No longer

Shinya merely shrugged, his eyes shining with amusement from the reaction he received. "Never said you had to answer, just said that it had be asked." He smiled almost innocently before biting his lip mischeviously. "Though if it is no longer news," he began, his eyes bright, "then it shouldn't matter if you told us."

Die decided this exchange was best left to Shinya, master of rationalization. He stuck his face into his renewed drink and watched Kyo squirm. As much as he knew Kyo has a right to privacy, he wanted to know who the hell it was. He grinned to himself as he mentally ran over a list of possibilities, each more ridiculous than the last. After a moment he realised he was smiling like a moron and arranged his face into a more sympathetic expression. "Well, Kyo-kun?"

"...." There was a long pause and then, slowly, slowly, a flush crept up the singers cheeks and neck, his ears finally tinging a faint pink. "...y'know, Peirrot?" Another pause, clearing his throat just a little. "...well... I met them at a guys were doing random thing" Pause. Tossing back the rest of his drink, almost choking again but... "...Kohta."

Shinya downed some of his drink to keep from laughing and schooled his expression to be completely serious. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" was his only response, but his eyes still showed amusement.

"You weren't afraid of his brother? I'm afraid of his brother." Die announced, nodding solemnly. "That', Kyo. Are you going to tell Kaoru?" Die knew Kyo wouldn't, but he thought that maybe telling their leader the truth would mend things somewhat. He finished his second drink and waved a third over. No wasting time.

"Of course I was fucking scared! Kirito was like...Kaoru with an even BIGGER stick shoved up his ass. With claws." He shudders slightly. "Which is why we didn't say anything. Him, kaoru and the press." Kyo shuddered once more and waved his hand a little bit, "Tender? I need something harder. No more froof!" Huffing slightly, giving Shinya a little huffing glare. "I can tell you're amused, you ... you...little stick thing, you." A pout and he sulks a little bit. "Of course i'm not going to tell him. He'd freak the hell out - I was dating in the band where a man was openly gay. Oh my god! We should be allowed to date who we want. let's date - all three of us. Together. Just to piss him off."

Shinya laughed at Kyo's response. He found the entire thing completely amusing and he stared at his glass again, trying to decide how bold he was and if he needed more alcohol. He then shook his head and downed the rest of the drink, his eyes drifting over to Kyo, a small smile on his lips. "You're over-reacting now."

Die laughed too but felt uneasy. He didn't know how far Kyo would take something once he got it into his head, and he also knew Kaoru was serious about not making waves and risking their professional reputation. The redhead squirmed, hand hovering near his ear in his trademark nervous gesture. "C'mom, Waru," he said, "you don't really want to drag this out, do you?"

"I'm alittle tipsy. Maybe I do." Nodding firmly, drinking the 'harder stuff' the bar tender laid out for him, coughing just a little bit. "We're big boys and I know Kao loves the band and shit, we all do...but...still." Kyo pouted, somehow managing to look like a huffy child who got candy denied to him, "You guys would be pissed too if he tried to cut off who you could date." Pause, eyes moving to Shinya. "'re straight, right?"

Shinya quirked an eyebrow, playing with the umbrella from his drink between his fingers. "How is that relevant?" he asked with a slight frown, side-stepping the actual question. He watched the umbrella spin as he rubbed his index and thumb together, turning it on it's axis, until another drink materialized before him.

Die glanced sharply at the drummer, aware that he hadn't given an answer at all. He kept his eyes on Shinya for a moment, then looked back into his fourth drink. "I'd be pissed, but the band is important to me..." he trailed off. He hadn't thought about how Kaoru's new rule would apply to him -personally-. It was something new and alarming to consider.

"It's relavent because I just realized we've been friends for god-knows ho wlong and we don't know each others sexuality." Frowning at that, sitting back a little bit, running a hand through his hair. "...What about you, Die? DO we know about Totchi? Kaoru is obviously a homophobe, probably gay.." His hand waves slightly, "Shit. Shit. This is seriously fucked up. Come clean, you guys. Or I get to tell Kao we had passionate queer sex on the bar." D
shinya in lace: Shinya made a noncommital noise. "Tell him what you wish, but I choose to not associate myself with any of it."

Die sputtered a little. "Kyo, why do you have to drag us into this? Just apologize to Kaoru, he'll apologize to you, and we can be done with it. We shouldn't be trying to blackmail each other." Unfortunately, Die was past the decent-reasoning stage of intoxication. He slammed his empty glass down a little harder than he should have. "And anyways, it doesn't matter what we do as long as we don't tell."

"No. You tell me." He twists around to poke Die in the nose. "Because now I'm going to feel like shit either way. I should -know- what gender my friends like!" Die gets his nose poked again and he leaaaans into him heavily, a toe moving to prod at Shinya. "Stop being so aloof, Shin, damnit! Tell me. Please. We'll get drunk and forget it all anyway. I just want to know noooow..."

Shinya quirked an eyebrow, obviously the only one who was even remotely sober anymore. "I told you," he replied, "I don't wish to associate myself with any label. Gay, straight, or what have you. All of it means nothing to me." He took a long swig of his drink and leaned casually against the bar. "Besides, I don't see why you're so desperate to know anyway."

Die swirled the ice in his glass with one long finger, leaning his cheek heavily on his other hand. "Kyo, I don't believe anyone really knows that until they're put in the situation." "And yeah, why ARE you so bent on knowing?" he continued, looking up at the slightly-trashed vocalist. "Most friends consider that TMI, don't they?"

"Most friends wouldn't have to ask." He's grumbling quietly, tossing back another drink. "I feel like an ass because I -don't- know..." His lips purse a little, frowning and giving Shinya a huffy look."You guys both suck. Don't youknow that?" Another slow sigh, and his eyes close. "....sorry about the drama. I really didn't mean to start anything."

Shinya merely shrugged. "You're angry and you're drunk. It's to be expected." He finished off his second drink quickly, pressing his lips into a thin line and then shook his head. Whatever it was he was thinking never was voiced and he just stared down at his empty glass before taking an ice cube and popping it in his mouth before his glass was ushered away.

Die affectionately nudged Kyo with his shoulder. "Come on. Stop kicking yourself over it and drink. Kaoru will be better tomorrow and we can get good and plastered and he'll be more mad about that than you and whatshisface." He was settling into a nice warm buzz himself and was getting tired of arguing. "Shinya, you too. Stop thinking and drink."

"Kohta." His voice is soft at that, grabbing his other drink, sipping at it with a little slurp. "No...he'll just be a sourpuss." Pause, "Let's send Totchi after him. Everyone melts at Tot-chan." The singer snickers softly, one eye peeking open at Die, shouldering him back in return. "...either of you ever date a boy?" Blinkblink. "Now I'm just curious."

Shinya's amusement at the whole indicident disipated and he took his drink, yet only stared at it. "It's none of your concern," he murmored under his breath. The soft clink of ice against the sides of his glass echoed in his ears as he stired his drink with the little umbrella that had been planted in it rather securely. He tilted his head for a moment, his lips quirking as he watched the ice swirl in whatever it was that they were drowning in.

Die bit his lip. Kyo was not going to let this go and Die wasn't willing to answer. Sometimes a lie had to serve where the truth would not. "...No." he said, exhaling noisily and looking over Kyo's head. The redhead was not about to go into this particular area of his life, not in a bar, not in public, not with drunk vengeful Kyo and critical Shinya. Not happening.

"Christ. Shin, you need some serious mood-pills. Die, you're a liar. But lets get drunk and happy because this conversation sucks." The singer forces himself to sit up, yawning slowly and stretching out, grinning and finishing his drink once more. "So. What're we gonna do with this next album to piss the fans off even more?" Pause. "...or let's not go there...erm...How about those mets?"

Shinya decided to take the bait. "Kyo, you hate baseball," he reminded the inebriated vocalist with a slight smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. He downed his drink and cleared his throat. "I wonder how cold it is now," he asked more to himself than to anyone else. It had been a tad chilly when he first walked in. He was curious if it had gotten colder as the hours ticked by.

Well, Kyo knew he was a liar. Die gave a mental shrug and scooted his empty glass towards the bartender as a hint. "It's darker so it's probably colder..." he said absently. Shinya was starting to make him curious as well. He gave the drummer a sidelong glance, but he was too inebriated by now to mull over it much. Anyways, he thought to himself. Can't be easy for Kyo to have confessed and no one wanting to join him, no one to identify with him. But Shinya. So damned evasive. "We're not really having fun, guys."

"I'm thinking about getting a gerbil." He muses, tapping his lower lip musingly. "How about we go back to my apartment and search for gerbils? Internet! I promise it will stay toootally rated G or.." Kyo tapers off and frowns head shaking once more. "...we should do something fun. Getting sad drunk or angry drunk is totally not fun.. Any sugestions?"

Shinya stared at the ice leftover in his drained glass and shook his head absent mindedly. He poked at an ice cube with the tip of the paper umbrella he still kept and tilted his head at the sound it made, completely lost in whatever thoughts his mind was churning out at that particular moment.

Die pushed abruptly back from the bar. "You know, we're all kind of upset and pretending we're not upset so we don't upset anyone else and I'm getting tired of it..." he said, voice rising. He was definitely drunk now. It didn't take much for his body to decide that rationale was for losers. Die stood up, waving his glass illustratively. "Kyo, you should just go home and get some rest and stop trying to make up for the fact that we know something we shouldn't. It's okay. We don't think any different of you. Just...let it go." He tugged on his shirt and wavered in place for a moment, before collapsing back onto his stoll and laying his cheek on the cool marble of the bar.

Kyo just...stares at the taller man and blinks a few times before busting out into little giggles. "Did he just pass out..?" His arms wrap around Die, tugging at him to try and get him up with a soft little snicker. "Diiiie....wake up..." Giggling still, nuzzling ihs ear. Whee for drunken Kyo-ness, " me wake him up."

Shinya turned to see Die's cheek plastered to the counter top and quirked an eyebrow. Picking out a cube of ice from his glass he reached over and held it onto the back of Die's neck to see if he could muster up some sort of response.

"Guys..." Die mumbled. "I'm awake. M'not that much a lightweight. face is hot." He closed his eyes, taking in more of the welcome chill. Going outside sounded good right about now; the bar had grown progressively hotter since they'd come in and he needed a smoke. He stood reluctantly, unsteadily. "I'm going out for a smoke."

Before he was able to stand up, though, Die got a good ear-gnawing from the little warumono. He's drunk - he bites things when asleep and so...he bites when he's drunk. Waha. "Smoking is bad for you." So he gets Kyos pack of cigarettes as the smaller singer changes his clinging affections from Die to Shinya - the impassive drummer can suddenly find himself with a widdle Kyo slung over him, nose settled against the crook of his neck.

Shinya barely registered Kyo's clinging, completely apathetic to the entire situation. After a long moment, he wordlessly pulled away and stood. He shoved his hands in his pockets, his mind millions of miles away. He finally spoke, saying his good byes. "I really should get home," he said, his eyes focusing on some untold distance. "There's some things I need to do," he muttered to no one in particular.

Die looked from his vocalist to his drummer, feeling farther away from them than he ever had. "Yeah. I'm gonna go home. You careful. 'Night." He staggered past the bouncers, out into the chill dark night, and down the sidewalk. The drunk and confused guitarist broke into a clumsy run, wanting nothing more than home and bed and solitude.

Well.....Kyo falls. Since he was clutching onto Shinya to keep him steady...he fell, hitting the floor with an 'oof', followed by a squeak. Wriggling slowly to his feet, he paid the rest of the tab and tried to straighten himself up, stumbling a little bit towards the exit.

Shinya follows suit, only a little more graceful and less drunk than the two preceeding him. His shoulders are hunched and his lips are pursed as he slips past people and out the door.

And yes, peoples. >> We're supposed to post our logs here.
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