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This was after the drinking thing - the next day.

And so, the allmighty Kyo appears. He's wearing casual jeans and a button up, satin finished black shirt (silver buttons, a'course). His shoes, oblivious to the rather swanky get up, were a pair of black sneakers, worn to the bare thread. All Kaoru was able to hear was a loud knocking - the hard, pounding kind of an insistant person.
However, when he opened the door, he was greeted with a wide grin and some cotton candy shoved at him. "Let's talk over some sugar, sugar."

And Kaoru appeared just the opposite. Ratty old sweatshirt, "I could care a fuck less" old jeans with a hole in the knee, and a stare set to kill. When he saw that it was Kyo at his door, he resisted the urge to close it again, preferrably on Kyo's big gay nose, but stopped.

"...fine." he murmured, stepping aside. "Come in." He waited semi-patiently by the door for Kyo to leave his shoes, he himself in socks with one toe sticking out a hole. "Something to drink?"

"Water." He didn't even bother to add the please, toeing off his shoes easily. His own socks were bright blue and covered with baby duckies that had devils goatees on them.

A glance was thrown Kaorus way, taking in how grudging the other was and how he didn't seem too thrilled to see Kyo... So his eyes roll, flopping onto Kaorus couch. One ankle meets the opposite knee in a relaxed manner, head tilting back to peer at the other while he puttered about.

Kaoru's square-shouldered back disappeared into the kitchen for a time, and reappeared with a glass of water and a beer in hand. He sat on his couch beside Kyo, at least not seeming disgusted about even sitting with him, and setting the glass before Kyo, popped open the beer and took a swig.

" coulda had something more than water." he finally said, whisking moisture from his lips with his tongue, then continuing. "What'd you come over here for? No offense but I wasn't expecting you after yesterday."

"I like water." Shoulders rise into a lazy shrug, ripping open the thin bag of plastic that held the sugary confection that was the amazing god of cotton. "Have some, Kao-kao." kyo tore his own piece from the bag, munching lightly.

He hesitated at that last question, dark eyes trained quite firmly on his water. "We're friends. So I came over."

With a heavy, obliging sigh, Kaoru dug into the bag and grabbed a handfull of the fluff, He bit it off his fingers, ending up with little shreds stuck in his chin-fuzz. "Yeah, alright, not bad..." he admitted, rubbing the grains of sugar between his thumb and finger. He hoped that little bit of allowance would work well enough to smooth Kyo over. Nothing like an angry warumono on your couch, gouging your eyes out and messing up the upholstery with cotton candy.

If he got angry enough and drew blood, sticky MELTY cotton canst as well. "Yeah, alright, not bad?" His eyebrow arched cynically, finally glancing up. "Where we talking about the cotton candy or the reason I scooted my cute little ass over here, Kaoru?"

Despite sounding a little bit sharp in his tone, Kyo wasn't....angry, exactly. He was disappointed that the other chose to get mad at him for a small portion of his sexuality but... it had it's reasons...really... So in the face of all of that, he kept his expression rather closed. Gaurded. Not something that happened with him often.

"The cotton candy." Kaoru answered matter-of-factly. Fumbling around, he found an old magazine that'd serve well enough as a napkin for those who are too lazy to go get one. He wiped his thumb across the page and consequently, Beat Takeshi's face.

"So what exactly is the reason why you 'scooted your cute little ass over here', Kyo?" It must be said that he was trying very hard to keep the anxiety out of his voice. However uncharacteristic that quote was for him, it sounded suitably neutral.

Kyo didn't bother with a napkin - he licked his fingers clean in a very studious manner, not even glancing at kaoru until all ten digits were free from the cotton candy...only to grab another palm full. "Are you mad because I dated one guy amidst many girls, Kaoru, or are you upset because I never told you?"

So...Kyo is bad with beating around the bush.

A set of nimble, wickedly strong fingers snapped out and looped around the bag of candy, clenching it shut. Coal-dark eyes bore into Kyo's face, demanding his attention.

"I would never, ever hate you for being who you are. You know I respect you greatly. Yes, I am mad because you didn't tell me, and because now we don't have the option of coming to terms with things like this. We can't gently break it to the public. I can't let you run out and play around, because then we'll have no public. Do you understand that, Tooru?"

Using his real name punctuated his seriousness, every word accented by flashes of Kaoru's sharp teeth. It still wasn't aggression, more like seriousness with the weight of molten steel.

"If you have a better idea, some way in which I can give you what you want without violating the right of everyone else to remain in this band, please do tell me."

"...what are you talking about, Kaoru?" The younger man was staring at Kaoru in something like shock. "I'm not gay. I'm not seeing anyone. I'm not after anyone in the band... what the hell did I want to break to the public?" His eyes were still wide and Kyo wouldn't deny that he flinched a little when the other used his first name...he hated that name.

"Never accused you of hating me either, Kaoru. I just asked you why you were upset. Nothing else. So stop inventing conversations I sure as hell didn't have and just calm down."

Slowly recoiling, Kaoru let go. His hands rest back on his own knees, eyes trailed out into the room. His lungs became suddenly immobile, crushing against themselves in his chest.

"...I..." Nothing else came out, for several seconds. His lips pressed tight together. "I'm sorry, Kyo."

The words came out in nothing but a whisper. So rare to hear it from him, he might as well have shouted them. Unable to maintain composure in his straight-ahead stare, he lowered his face to his knees, gazing into his palms.

Now, here's where Kyo had the upper hand. He could pick a fight with the other, call him a few names. Laugh at him. Rub it in his nose. He could do so many things to hur Kaoru like the other somehow managed to wound him and the vocalist knew it.

Slowly, he let go of his candy - dropping it into the bag but ah well - and moved to his knees on the couch. Arms wrapping around Kaoru hesitantly, cheek pressing against his friends head. "Sok, Kaoru. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Even leader-samas."

"I hate you..." Kaoru growled blandly, nose stuck to Kyo's shoulder. Later on he'd have ot make sure no one ever heard about this odd little moment, but as it was, his own arms stretched to surround Kyo's waist and lean against him, closing his eyes.

"For all the grief you cause me, I should kill you 300 times over, you know that? I hate you."

But of course, what did this matter in the height of an embrace? Knowing Kaoru, it meant only the opposite.

"Asshole. What, did you think I was boffing every guy known to women?" He snickers, arms tightening a little bit around the older fellow, nuzzling into his hair gently. "Psh. Hate you too. Grief-monger. You do it to yourself."

The younger man is grumbling in good amusement, fingers petting gently at Kaorus hair. "Thank you, though. For not hating me."

This Kaoru gnashed his teeth at, sticking a finger sharply into Kyo's side. "I do not 'do it to myself', you little bastard~!" he barked. "I'm the one saving your ass when--"

Mid lecture, he stopped, a sigh pressing through the points of his teeth. "Nevermind." he resigned himself. "Of course I don't hate you. I couldn't do that no matter what kind of clown-ass shit you pulled."

"Like dating Kohta? Please. Long over. I heard he's with some girl now." Kyo finally [ulled back, laughing a little. Pressing a kiss against Kaorus forehead before moving fully away, lips dry even after drinking the water, and a little sticky from the cotton candy. "No one's going to find out, Kao. It was one guy, a long time ago and -you- guys didn't even find out. I was super-slick in hiding shit."

A grin, a quick flash of white teeth and a stuck out tongue somewhere in there. "Glad you don't hate me. I would be..sad or something."

Kaoru grimaced and rubbed the back of his hand over his forehead. Kyo's stupid lips got sticky sugar on it. Egh.

"Kohta~?!?! What the-- talk about hiding in plain view~!" he even laughed at this a little, regaining a bit of his humor. "I just can't believe you. You're crazy. Totally crazy."

That said, his busy fingers went looking for some more cotton candy. He grabbed the bag and accidentally picked up the chunk Kyo was going to eat. Hey, it was already ripped off the big puff and it was convenient.

And had Kyo-slobber on it - don't forget that. He snickers a little bit at the others reaction, shoulder rising in a mild shrug. "Kohta. Kirito didn't even know, can you imagine that? It was a fucking blast."

The singer grinned, ripping off another piece for himself, chewing contentedly. "So we're okay now, tight ass leader-sama? I'll be the good,s traight makeup wearing non band-o-phile if you can keep yourself from spazzing out. Deal?"

"So like..." Kaoru chewed sticky candy off his fingers as he wondered curiously, blissfully unaware of how dorky he looked. "If you have a taste for guys, isn't a tight ass a good thing? Or am I just wrong."

As an afterthought, he added, "Y'know, somehow I don't believe you'd stick to that promise."

"You look like a dork." Smirking faintly, poking the leader in the nose with a single, short little finger. "I don't have a taste for guys... I just liked him." Voice soft, shoulders rising in a shrug, "But yeah. Tight ass can be a good thing sometimes."

His eyes roll a little bit, hand moving to ruffle at the others hair with a little snicker. "I totally could. ...wait. Which part?"

"The non band-o-phile part? I don't know, there's something about the way you tease Shinya."

Kaoru shrugged, doing his best to remain relaxed. So far he was doing pretty well, concentration on peeling every little strand of cotton candy out from his fingernails. No matter that it'd just get stuck again once he reached for more.

"Can I ask something though? How'd you... you know, realize you liked Kohta?" A brow arched high on Kaoru's statuesque forehead.

"Shinya? Psh. Please. He's....he's too stoic for me." Kyo just shrugged that comment off lightly, "I mean.. you laugh and joke sometimes. Shinya... Well, I think he thinks I'm an idiot or something." The vocalist grins wryly at that, flopping back against the couch comfortably...until Kaorus question. That made the eyebrows go up a little bit.

"Realized I liked him?" Another slow, pregnant pause and then those shoulders rise into another shrug. "...I dont know. I just...wanted to be with him all the time. I started thinking all sorts of dumb shit about him."

Kaoru grinned madly to deflect the previous answer to his question, pretending as if it hadn't mattered to him so much.

"He thinks you're an idiot, eh? Wow, I can't believe it took you so long to--I mean..." with that he pressed his hand to his face, eyes tracking towards the ceiling. That'd get him.

Kaoru gets a smack to his temple, grumbling softly. "Thanks a fucking lot, bitch." Nostrils widen in a little snort, Kyo letting himself lean back, planting a foot in Kaorus stomach, smirking and pushing him back. "Asshole. You're worse then Die."

"And you can't insult for shit." Kaoru laughed joyfully, grabbing ahold of Kyo's toe and giving it a tug. Topic deflected. Kaoru had what he wanted.

"You know what your feet remind me of? Clown feet. God, your feet are huge in comparison to the rest of you. Did your mom string you up by your toes when you were a kid?"

"Yes, and then told me the people I fucked when I was older would thank me!" He whines at the other grabbing at him, toes wriggling engimatically against him - he was wearing toe socks. Just some added weirdness to the duckies.

"You're a jerk, Kaoru! GImme back my toes before you EAT THEM!" Kyo wasn't even aware that he had given Kaoru some sort of useful information - he was just telling him the truth. He -did- know he had to apologize to Die for not telling him and then get a guinea pig but..other then that... Wriggling more with a huff.

"The only way I can think of people you fucked later on being grateful is if your mom--nevermind. That's just too sick. And I can't believe you wear duck socks."

Kaoru tossed Kyo's feet off of his lap and back onto the floor, rolling his eyes at him dramatically.

"Anyway. I want to go to bed. Go and sleep for practice."
"My duck socks are adorable, bitch." He snorts and bounces up, moving quickly to his shoes. "Fiiine. Fine, go sleep and be boring, you old fart. Have fun." His eyes roll, just a little and he opens teh door, glancing over his shoulder to Kaoru, giving him a little grin. "Night, Kao. Good talking to you."
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