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Toshiya nibbled on his lip nervously as he walked around the spacious apartment. He unlocked the door to the balcony area in case anyone wanted out for a smoke, though he drew the curtains over the door. Didn't want anyone peeping. He went around to the kitchen to make sure the trashcan was still only half-way full before walking to his bedroom to kick his clothes beneath his bed. He righted one of his basses which had been lying carelessly on the floor. He took one last moment to glance around, and satisfied people would at least be able to walk without breaking anything, he plopped down on his couch.

Die was still a little woozy from the night before, but he'd shown up at Toshiya's all the same. He was better groomed today, however. Hangovers made him feel dirty. Pushing the door open, no knock. "Hey."He kicked his shoes off in the foyer and dropped his bag. It was about time they got around to this band meeting, he thought. Taking up his usual station at the very end of the couch, he wrapped his arms around a pillow and leaned back. "Totchi." The redhead smiled.

Kyo had his headphones latched quite firmly onto his ears, singing and dancing about to some random song as he saw Die enter Totchis apartment from his own position downstairs. Eyebrows arch and, suckin in on his lower lip, the vocalist hopped up the stairs, little bum wriggling as some random american band pounded in his ears. "Tooootchi!" His voice carried down the hallway, louder then he intended, seeing as how he was deaf in one ear and currently working on fucking up the other one. The apartment door was kicked lightly. "TOTCHI! Diiiiiie!" One more light kick and he fiddled with the door knob. "...oh. Open." A shrug and he peeked inside, flicking his CD player off with a slow grin. "Am I late?"

"Not late enough, it seems." a rumbling voice echoed behind the vocalist. Kaoru had managed to follow him wordlessly, smirking playfully as he stuck one finger in between Kyo's shoulderblades and pushed him in further. He'd dressed himself a little better today as well, in a dark maroon button-up with some kind of vague, black swirly print and pants that at least fit better than the usual jeans. At the doorway he kicked off his heavy boots and left them behind, coming out from behind Kyo to settle himself into the couch between Die and Toshiya. His arms draped over the back of the couch, one behind each of them, knees splayed and knocking into them. "You know... Totchi, you could use a bigger couch. Kyo's going to have to sit in one of your laps."

Toshiya hrmphed and got up from the couch to close his door. He mumbled. "Gee thanks you guys. I love for people to just walk in on me." He locked the door and went back to the couch, plopping down without a thought to the others. He wiggled his butt until he was comfortable on the couch and turned to look at Kyo, his brow raised. "Well he could sit on mine if you need a volunteer....though I'm sure the floor is comfortable too."

Die laughed. "Yeah, if he wants to break his pelvis on your bony legs." Arranging himself more comfortably, fingers twitching for a cigarette. That was out of the question, however. "Are we gonna order some chow first or what?" If not tobacco, food. The discomfort of last night seemed to vanish in the homey atmosphere of Toshiya's apartment, so different from the seedy room they'd spent the evening before in.

"Well, since you're so concerned, Die." He snorts quietly, kicking off his ratty shoes (pink toe socks) to hope over to Die, ploppig easily onto his lap with a little grin. "Thank you, Totchi, but Die-die here was -soooo- worried about me breaking myself." His eyes roll, lips quirking into a grin. kyo was dressed in casual jeans and a giant shirt with a frowny wanna be smiley face and a little green Sims diamond over it. Heh. Amusement sparkled in the vocalists eyes as he got comfortable in Dies lap, gaze moving from Koaru to Totchi. "Yeah. I want food. What kind of food? Pizza? Chinese? beer?"

Kaoru yawned widely, toppling over just a little bit onto Toshiya. The edge of his cheek landed on Toshiya's shoulder. "Yeah, feed us, Totchi-mama. I'm too tired to think about food." In truth, after last night's shenanigans, he'd only slept for 3 and a half hours total and then gotten up to wear off his buzz on a tune. It'd been a crazy night full of dark and chaotic melody, muahaha. As he lay there, one eye closed lazily, waiting expectantly to be fed.

Toshiya rolled his eyes at Kaoru's laziness and angled his hip so that he could dig into his pocket. Quickly, he fished out his cellphone and flipped it open. Finding the number he was looking for, he called the pizza place, ordering two boxes and a bottle of soda. He hung up and tossed his phone onto the wodden table in front of the couch without a thought. "There, you leeches shall be fed in ohhh...say fifteen minutes. One of you are going to have to answer the door though. I'm not getting up.Hmph."

Die shifted his weight under Kyo. That little bugger was heavier than he looked. "Not me," he grunted. "I'm pinned by the International Retard here." He absently shoved Kyo over towards the arm of the couch a little, looping an arm behind his back to transfer some of the weight from his legs. "You're heavy."

"Aw, fuck you." Kyo snorts, the bottom part of his palm smacking Die gently, a little smirk on his face. "How about you just tell me where I'm NOT cutting off circulation?" Blinking at Totchi curiously, grinning slightly, "I'll answer the door, Totchi-chaaan~ Give poor Dies legs a chance to heel from my fat-ass." Snorting slightly.

Speaking of fat asses... Kaoru's weight began to grow heavy upon Toshiya's shoulder. It seemed a far more uninhibited lean than he'd go into himself. And in fact that was right, as he'd fallen straight asleep on top of Toshiya. His lips were parted gently, soft puffs of breath falling through them. Every so often his fingers twitched, proving his tiredness.

Toshiya was barely able to hold back a shake of laughter as he realised what was wrong with their leader. The poor guy had fallen asleep. He really did work too much. Making a small noise, he maneuvered himself so that he was laying more comfortable on the couch, and moved Kaoru back with him, so that he wouldn't fall over. He looked at Die and Kyo. "So how'd it go at the bar last night?"

"Um..." Die scratched the back of his head and glanced at Kyo. "We got drunk and played poker." That was the truth. In all actuality, he didn't quite remember ALL that had happened, but those things stood out in his memory. His hand moved to his neck, toying unconsciously with his Chrome Hearts cross necklace. "Kyo really sucks at poker."

"YEAH I do." Kyos nose wrinkles slightly, grinning over at Die with a little snicker. "But Die had a losing streak there for a while..." His eyes roll, settling back against the other band member easily, cheek resting on Dies shoulder as the vocalist peered at the Leader-sama. "It was a fun game, though."

"Neh..." Kaoru snorted as he was pushed over, curling into Toshiya's chest. Someone wake him up before he starts drooling. He looked rather cute, actually, with his hands balled up under his chin and little periodic snores falling from his lips. He kept shifting around and would not stop wiggling until he had Toshiya practically plastered against the back of the couch. His body grew ever heavier and more imposing, an arm flopping over Toshiya's lap.

Toshiya grunted, and slapped at Kaoru's hand, much like amother to her child. He didn't mind Kaoru sleeping on him, but he sure as hell wasn't gonna sit there and let him knock him around! He tried to return to his conversation.

"Losing streak huh? Well what was at stake? Money? Valuables? Your maaanhood?" He snickered, waiting expectantly for an answer.

"It was kind of a truth or...truth thing." The redhead reached over Kaoru to smack the bassist lightly in the back of the head. "You missed it. Pretty he thought to himself. You thought it was real funny, didn't you. "Kaoru got pretty smashed too."

Speaking of smashed, Kaoru rubbed his face into Toshiya's ribcage, the arm Totchi had unsuccessfully tried to bat away tightening around his waist. Well hey, at least he's nice when he's asleep... The glasses perched on his nose in place of contacts slipped off and fell into Toshiya's lap. He was treating Toshiya like a giant personal teddy bear. Maybe they should get him drunk more often, the effects seemed to last.

Toshiya sighed, resigned to his sacrifice. He picked up Kaoru's glasses and placed them on the table, before laying a hand on Kaoru's head. He ran the hand through the other's dark hair, his eyes going back to Die."Alright, tell me about this. What exactly was said?"

"Hell, I don't remember." Die said, "I was drunk off my ass too." Time to change the subject. He adjusted the apparently-sleeping vocalist in his lap again, trying to find some comfortable way to hold him. Pretty obvious he wasn't going anywhere. "Aren't we supposed to be having a band meeting? Should probably wake Kao up..."

One eye cracked open just a little bit. But the gentle hands on Kaoru's hair were rather soothing, and so he pretended for just a moment longer to remain asleep. He thought for sure he'd ruined it by tensing just a little, the thick of his shoulders growing just minisculely harder. Kaoru wondered vaguely what it was he was doing, but hey... he was asleep, right? Right.

Toshiya shrugged. "What's a few minutes of sleep? We can wake them when the pizza gets here." He gave Die an evil smile. " Though I have this feeling you only want to wake them to avoid my question. You wouldn't happen to be doing that would you buddy?" He scratched Kaoru's head affectonately as he focused his intense gaze on the redhead.

Die flashed Toshiya one of his thousand-watt smiles, trying to look flippant. "Course not, Toto. I just think," he gestured towards their two sleeping bandmates with his free hand, "we might as well get this over with and send these two home to bed."

Kaoru sighed softly in his "sleep". If he sat up he'd have to scoot away, and this was rather comfortable. Ah well, back to reality. He grunted and sat up, giving Toshiya his space and rubbing his blurry eyes. Fingers clumsily fumbled for his glasses on the table, slipping them onto his nose. "Hyeah... did I hear bed? I can't go to bed yet. Toshiya, I have questions for you." This was punctuated by a long yawn, but after he'd caught up with himself, he continued. "Who's this guy you're dating?"

Toshiya looked at the leader interestedly, though a little surprised. That had been straight to the point. He nibbled hi slip. "Well...his name was Rorin, or so he said. He worked at some grocery store or other. I met him at a club and followed him to his place. We had a one-nighter, and I guess I was sleepy when he asked, because I gave him my number. I didn't intend to see him after, but he's still calling me.We're not dating though. Just a one night thing. He didn't know me, and I didn't know him. End of story."

Die chose not to comment on Toshiya's choice of places to pick up one-night stands. Groceries, okay. "Well.." he said slowly. "I know Kaoru's been onto us lately about stuff like that...are you sure he didn't know who you were?" The guitarist rested his chin on Kyo's head and looked over at Kaoru and Toshiya. "Did you block his number?"

"Listen, Totchi..." Kaoru murmured as he leaned back once more, glancing at Toshiya from the rims of sleepy eyelids. Surprisingly a lot of the sting had worn away from his voice since the last time he gave this speech. "I don't think it's a good idea to do that anymore. As Iv'e said to the others, I respect your choice of lifestyle but it can't get in the way of the band's image right now. Don't pick up guys in clubs, or grocery stores. Especially white guys... "Rorin" sounds white. I want us to lay low for a while, after the Vulgar incident." Fingertips pressed against the bridge of his nose as he finished speaking. Wow, that went over... nicely.

Toshiya took in his words quietly with a nod, his eyes flicking over to look at Die. " First to answer Die, I was sure. He acted so buff when he came onto me, as if I was supposed to fall all over him. He wouldn't have done that if he knew who I was. And" he looked at Kaoru, "I understand what you're saying, but I can't just not date. Do you want me to remain celibate all year or something? I'm a groing boy, and I need a piece of ass every once in a while. I can watch about where I go, but frankly my only choice to pick up people is in the clubs. " I mean..." he sighed "I need to be able to satisfy myself however you set up your rules. Be considerate of that ." His lower lip came up in a slight pout of defiance.

Die glanced from Toshiya to Kaoru, skeptical. Their leader certainly was being gentler with Toshiya than he had been with Kyo, and Die himself even--even though he hadn't even done anything 'wrong' yet."Yeah, Kao...what does he do if he doesn't want a girl at all?" Surely their leader couldn't demand total celibacy from them. Could he?

Kaoru rubbed his hands over his cheeks, blowing a long breath. "Look, can't you see it my way for a second? What if one of you gets seen somewhere, and it ends up in the tabloids? What if it destroys the last shreds of our reputation? There's no pleasing the fans, I swear it. The only way they would be happy is if we went back to dancing around in skintight leather, and frankly I'm feeling a little too old for that. So I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm hearing 'I'm too selfish to save my own ass and the jobs of four of my best friends'." Apparently the nice didn't last long, but there was still a blunted edge to his words as they crept through his lips.

Toshiya huffed. "Yeah Kaoru, I see what you're saying, and that's all fine and well. I have to eat too you know, but I need body contact just as well. You are ultimately asking me to be celibate for who knows how long, and I can tell you right now that will effect my music. I'm not joking. If I can't go out and get what I need, then you need to find some way to give it to me, because I certainly am not going without it." He crosse dhis arms and glared at the guitarist. He didn't think it was selfish to want to relax once in a while. Was it that horrible?

"Kaoru, we HAVE to come to some sort of compromise. We're humans, not guitars or bassists or drum kits or synthesizers. Our jobs are the most important thing to us, but as human beings we can't deny certain things about our biology. It's not something we can help. Yeah, picking up random people in stores and clubs is stupid, but there has to be some other way." Die squirmed a little, averting his eyes from the other two conscious members of their little party. "I'm not trying to be difficult, just...realistic."

Kaoru turned and stared at Die in disbelief. Shock, even. "You too, now? Well... damn, fuck it then. That's it. Fuck it." His hands went into the air in a sign of defeat. "If you're all the same way, and that's the way it is, then I charge you with figuring out how to tell the public in such a way that it doesn't look like we exist solely to fulfill fangirl fantasies. Just go ahead. You have no idea how hard it is to apologize for yourself on a daily basis, suck up to the corporates when they start asking questions, respond to the hard questions. But I guess you'll find out. So... whatever." Too tired now to fight any further, Kaoru stood up, casting one last glance over his shoulder at his companions. First Die, and then Toshiya. Settled hard on Toshiya, dark and uneasy. Then he slipped his feet into his boots and left.

Toshiya seemed taken aback by the words, but he understood Kaoru's anger. Sighing, he allowed the other man to go. H elooked at Die and Kyo. Well I guess we can split the pizza, though actually I'm not hungry." He made a face. " I think I'll retire to my room for a while. I need to think. Do you think you guys can handle yourselves and see yourselves out later?"He looked at the two fondly as he got up. " I don't know how we'll solve this yet, but don't worry about it ne. We'll think of something." With a last smile he left the two and retreated back to his bedroom, closing the door softly behind him.
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